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Probing Question: What is the jet stream?
If you've seen the movie Finding Nemo, you probably recall the depiction of the "EAC," a fast-moving ocean current that the film's surfer-dude sea turtles ride with flair.
Scientist Across U.S. Launch Study of Thunderstorm Impacts on Upper Atmosphere
BOULDER--Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and other organizations are targeting thunderstorms in Alabama, Colorado, and Oklahoma this spring to discover what happens when clouds suck air up from Earth’s surface many miles into the atmosphere.
Is Global Warming Causing More Home Runs in Baseball?
Baseball announcer Tim McCarver bemused viewers with his theory linking baseball and climate change
'91 Meteorology Graduate Bill Flederbach Receives Recognition
Airgus Air Daily, a leading periodical focused on climate change and cap-and-trade, interviews William Flederbach, executive vice president of ClimeCo America.
Penn State meteorology team wins national forecasting competition
A group of 15 Penn State meteorology students recently captured first place in the Weather Challenge, a North American collegiate weather forecasting competition
Penn State Meteorology alumnus, Ken Reeves, passes away
The Department of Meteorology is saddened by the news that Ken Reeves was involved in a home accident that took his life on Sunday, March 25, 2012. Ken was a respected alumnus and great ambassador for Penn State Meteorology and he will be sorely missed.
Hazing Awareness Scholarship Renewed for Fall 2011/Spring 2012 School Year
$700 HAZING AWARENESS Scholarship (increase from $500 for Fall 2011/Spring 2012)
To the Point: Meteorologist discusses mild winter, future 2012 weather
Paul Knight is a senior lecturer in Penn State's Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania state climatologist and producer, co-host and on-camera meteorologist of "Weather World," a 15-minute weeknight weather magazine show broadcast on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) and WPSU-TV. He also researches long-range prediction techniques and the use of artificial intelligence in forecasting significant weather events. He talks about the warmer weather this season.
Meteorology Senior, Erin Thomas, Receives the 2012 McCoy Award
The McCoy Award is presented annually to one senior male and one senior female student-athlete who have combined successful athletic participation with academic excellence.
Dr. James E. Hoke Recipient of 2012 Hosler Scholar Medal
Dr. Hoke will receive the Hosler Scholar Medal at the 2012 College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS) Wilson Awards Banquet to be held on the evening of April 29, 2012. He will visit with students and faculty in Meteorology in conjunction with his visit.
Decoding The Allure Of The Almanac
There's been something wacky with the weather this winter, and many forecasters never saw it coming. Among them was The Old Farmer's Almanac, the quirky, centuries-old mix of historical data, prognostications and folk wisdom. Millions of people consult the almanac, which uses a secret formula to come up with its annual, yearlong weather forecasts, even though meteorologists say it has a dubious track record.
What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate?
This presentation by Wayne Higgins of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center clarifies the relationships and differences between weather and climate, as well as the differences between natural climate variability and human-induced climate change.
Penn State Meteorology alumnus inducted into OSU Hall of Fame
The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association inducted three alumni into its Hall of Fame on Friday night. The 57th class featured Ray Booker, Malinda Fischer and Benjamin Harjo. The inductees join 156 Hall of Famers, including Boone Pickens, Garth Brooks, Barry Sanders and Eddie Sutton.
Talking Up A Storm - Spotlight on Warren M. Washington
GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) in honor of Black History Month is spotlighting a remarkable atmospheric scientist and climate researcher. His name is Dr. Warren M. Washington, and his contributions to the scientific community - both in and out of the lab - are worth honoring this February.
Environment Canada cuts threaten science, international agreements
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Recent cuts to the scientific workforce of Environment Canada, a government agency responsible for meteorological services and environmental research, threaten scientific research related to the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere and pollution in the lower atmosphere, according to environmental scientists in the U.S. These reductions in personnel and projected budget cuts also threaten existing international agreements.
Upgrading the Hurricane Forecast
“The National Hurricane Center has been doing an excellent job over the past few decades of persistently increasing the hurricane forecast track accuracy,” said Fuqing Zhang, professor of meteorology at the Pennsylvania State University. “But there have been virtually no improvements in the intensity forecast.”
Tree rings may underestimate climate response to volcanic eruptions
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Some climate cooling caused by past volcanic eruptions may not be evident in tree-ring reconstructions of temperature change, because large enough temperature drops lead to greatly shortened or even absent growing seasons, according to climate researchers who compared tree-ring temperature reconstructions with model simulations of past temperature changes.
Weather Discovery Center welcomes new Hall of Fame inductee, Fred Gadomski
PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center is preparing to welcome its ninth inductee into the National Meteorologist Hall of Fame, Fred Gadomski, the host and co-producer of “Weather World,” a 15-minute nightly weather magazine program produced by the Penn State Weather Communications Group.
Research team led by Ken Davis recruited as partners in greenhouse gas demonstration with Picarro Inc.
Weather Challenge begins January 30th - Register for Meteo 215
WxChallenge, is looking for additional students to develop a strong base for next years group. Because the spring contest has yet to begin there is no penalty for signing up for Meteo 215 now, so please consider picking it up, especially those first-year students who may have dropped in the fall. The department will request a waiver of the $6.00 late add fee.
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