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2014 Banner Miller Award
Congratulations Dr. Fuqing Zhang and Dr. Yonghui Weng!
Pen State Meteorology wins third straight national forecasting title
For the third straight year, a team of Penn State students captured first place in the Weather Challenge, a North American collegiate weather forecasting competition.
“Climate Change War” Is Not a Metaphor
The U.S. military is preparing for conflict, retired Navy Rear Adm. David Titley says in an interview.
PSU Storm Chase prepares for first chase this summer in Midwest
This summer, members of Penn State’s new storm chasing club will travel to the Midwest in hopes of seeing a tornado up close.
Combining IT and science to monitor the weather
Chuck Pavloski discusses the IT and science behind meteorology at Penn State.
Slowdown of global warming fleeting
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The recent slowdown in the warming rate of the Northern Hemisphere may be a result of internal variability of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation -- a natural phenomenon related to sea surface temperatures, according to Penn State researchers.
Time for real leadership on climate change, energy, national security
The parallels between the political decisions regarding climate change we have made and the decisions that led Europe to World War One are striking – and sobering.
UN Report Says Climate Change Will Threaten Food Production Worldwide
Climate change scientist Michael Mann discusses the most significant findings in the second installment of the IPCC report, and how the media amplifies minority voices who hold contrarian positions in order discredit the report's conclusions - April 1, 14
Possible Flight 370 ‘debris field’ spotted
A new lead could cause a breakthrough in the search for Flight 370, with satellites spotting a possible “debris field” in the ocean. NBC’s Tom Costello, retired Navy Rear Admiral David Titley discuss. Then, Aviation Attorney Michael Pangia talks about the first lawsuit filed against Malaysia Airlines.
Jonathan Potterjoy - Best Student Presentation award
Jonathan Potterjoy selected as a student presentation award winner for the 18th IOAS-AOLS Conference
GRE Test Preparation Course
This is a complete preparation course for the Revised Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
NOAA Names Mary Erickson New Director of National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
Posted on March 18th, 2014 Mary Erickson has accepted the position of director for the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS).
Student’s weather project aims to keep classmates and neighbors safe, informed
Meteorology major Tom Bedard combines his Penn State experiences to form a student weather preparedness project and pursue his career goals.
THON dancers and chairs featured on ABC World News
Penn State's Water Polo team will be featured on ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer. Allison Lederer (senior Meteorology) and THON fundraising chair will be interviewed
Real-time forecast of Hurricane Sandy had track and intensity accuracy
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- A real-time hurricane analysis and prediction system that effectively incorporates airborne Doppler radar information may accurately track the path, intensity and wind force in a hurricane, according to Penn State meteorologists.
Scott Salesky has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious Alumni Association Dissertation Award
Scott Salesky has been chosen to receive an Alumni Association Dissertation Award for 2013-14
39th Annual Northeastern Storm Conference
39th OFFICIAL CALL FOR PAPERS and VENDORS/RECRUITERS ANNUAL NORTHEASTERN STORM CONFERENCE 7-9 March, 2014 – Rutland, Vermont Sponsored by Lyndon State College-AMS & NWA
Students put AccuWeather long-range forecasts to the test
Each fall semester, Meteorology students in my “Introduction to Weather Analysis” course at Penn State University conduct a semester-long forecast verification study as part of the class. Students work in groups, with each group assigned a different city.
Lapenta named director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Prediction
William Lapenta, Ph.D., is the new director of NOAA‘s National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).
AAG Names Warren Washington its 2014 Honorary Geographer
The Association of American Geographers has chosen Warren M. Washington to receive the 2014 AAG Honorary Geographer Award for his contributions as a pioneer in the development of coupled climate models and recognizes him as a leading scientist in the area of climate variability and change.
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