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Department saddened by passing of professor emeritus, Alfred K. Blackadar
Dr. Chris Forest to serve on the 2015 AAAS Electorate Nominating Committee (ENC)
Dr. Chris Forest elected as a member of the ENC
Dave Stensrud recipient of NOAA 2015 Award
NASA awards $30M grant to Penn State to help answer climate questions
Penn State will lead a five-year, $30 million mission to improve quantification of present-day carbon-related greenhouse gas sources and sinks.
Rolling lab tracks methane to its source
Equipped with a gray box, a map and an SUV, Thomas Lauvaux and a team from Penn State's Department of Meteorology has been at it for hours
Feverish Times for Climate Change Analyses in Virginia
Using information gleaned from geologic data from the past 20,000 years, scientists from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) will apply new methods to provide a better understanding of the past and current behavior of Antarctic ice sheets.
PSU Meteorology students swept first place, second year in a row.
For the second straight Severe Local Storms conference, PSU meteorology students have swept first place in the oral and poster presentation awards!
Climate change talk scarce at science institutions
Visitors to Pittsburgh science-education facilities can experience an earthquake, look down the gullet of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and wander through a distant rain forest. But learning about climate change - which scientists warn poses a serious global threat - may take a bit more imagination.
Connecting the dots: Extreme climate change, conflict
What does melting sea ice in the Arctic have to do with the barbarism of the Islamic State?
2014 likely to be globe's hottest year, meteorologists say
Despite a bitter U.S. cold snap, the globe is rushing hell-bent toward its warmest year on record with last month setting the fifth monthly heat record of year.
Weather weenies rejoice: Arboretum device offers more data
While the Penn State Arboretum will always be a place for plant lovers, it may find a new following among weather wonks.
Undergraduate Research Opportunity - WISER and MURE Programs
The PA Space Grant Consortium is now accepting applications for the 2015 WISER and MURE programs.
Undergraduate Job Opportunity
The greenhouse gas group at PSU is looking for an undergraduate research assistant
Fall 2015 Hertz Graduate Fellowships
The Hertz Foundation invites applications for Fall 2015 Graduate Fellowships in Applied Physical, Biological, or Engineering Sciences
Getting a Firsthand Look at Storm Chasing
The Doppler on Wheels travels all over the country collecting data and chasing tornadoes and other large storms
Raymond Najjar and Douglas Martins participate in study that measures impacts of nitrogen desposition on coastal waters
Scientists have a good understanding of how air pollution impacts human health and the terrestrial biosphere, but what impact does air pollution have on oceans?
Climate scientist Michael E. Mann among recipients of the Pongo Award
The Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) will be holding its annual fundraising event on Sunday, October 19, 2014 (4-7pm).
Interdisciplinary team aims to predict the future of Antarctic ice
The National Science Foundation's Division of Mathematical Sciences has awarded more than $500,000 to Penn State to develop new statistical methods needed for predicting the future of Antarctic ice sheets, which now are melting at an alarming rate.
Paul Markowski and Fuqing Zhang garner top AMS awards/honors
On behalf of the entire Department, a hearty congratulations on your prestigious awards from the American Meteorological Society!
The top 50 science stars of Twitter
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