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US and Canada Job Listings

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Jobs listed with an end year of 2018 are "open until filled."

Job Title Company Date Posted Date Expires Job Type
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Atmospheric Science Meteorology The Savannah River National Laboratory 09-29-2014 11-29-2014 GOV
3 Ph.D. Student Opportunities McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 09-29-2014 11-15-2014 HIGHER ED
Atmospheric/Earth Scientist Position Innovim 09-23-2014 11-23-2014 GOV
Freelance Meteorologist FOX 43, York, PA 09-23-2014 10-23-2014 TV
2 Tenure Track Faculty Positions Purdue University 09-19-2014 11-19-2014 HIGHER ED
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Atmospheric Science Meteorology Savannah River National Laboratory 09-19-2014 10-19-2014 GOV
Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee Staff Support Chesapeake Research Consortium 09-19-2014 09-30-2014 HIGHER ED
Meteorologist, Electricity Demand Forecaster GENSCAPE 09-18-2014 10-18-2014 PRIVATE
Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantship Missouri Climate Center 09-17-2014 11-17-2014 GOV
Ph.D. Graduate Fellowships The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science 09-17-2014 11-30-2014 HIGHER ED
Route Analyst Technician Applied Weather Technology (AWT) 09-17-2014 11-17-2014 PRIVATE
Pre-Doctoral position at the Argonne National Laboratory Argonne National Laboratory 09-15-2014 09-30-2014 GOV
Graduate Student Opportunity Lehigh University 09-15-2014 11-15-2014 HIGHER ED
Weekend Morning Meteorologist and Reporter WBNS 10TV, C 09-15-2014 11-15-2014 TV
Research Fellow The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) 09-12-2014 11-12-2014 PRIVATE
Weekend Meteorologist/Multimedia Journalist WVVA Television in Bluefield, WV 09-12-2014 11-12-2014 TV
Database Programmer Analyst University of Missouri-Columbia 09-09-2014 11-09-2014 HIGHER ED
Operational Meteorologist Weather Works LLC 09-09-2014 11-09-2014 PRIVATE
Meteorologist KAAL, News/Weather/Sports, Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. 09-04-2014 11-04-2014 TV
Postdoctoral Researcher Princeton University 09-04-2014 11-04-2014 HIGHER ED
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