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Course Information

Checksheets & Course Sequencing
A checksheet for planning the courses needed to complete your degree in Meteorology. Checksheets are included for Meteo majors at University Park, Transfer students, Change of Assignment students, Schreyer Honors students, and students at other Penn State campuses. Suggested course sequencing is also provided.
Course Descriptions (University "Blue Book")
The University's official listing of all Meteorology courses, their descriptions, and prerequisites.
Course Offerings by Academic Year
These documents show which Meteorology courses are offered for a particular semester
Courses Required in All Options
These courses are required despite the option you pursue in the Meteorology major.
Federal Rules on Student Aid Eligibility
To receive federal aid, students must complete 67 percent of credits
First Year Seminar
The EMS First-Year Seminar is a required course for all EMS first-year students at the University Park campus. It is a three credit course designed to encourage students to begin the important process of "thinking for a living.
Internships play an important part in the Meteorology program and are strongly encouraged for "real world" experience that will help you secure a job upon graduation.
NOAA Meteorologist Requirements (GS-1340)
Information about NOAA requirements to apply for a NOAA GS-1340 position.
Professional Electives (Meteorology Courses)
These are professional elective courses in Meteorology. In addition to all the required courses for the Meteorology major, you will need to select from these courses in order to fulfill your degree requirements.
Recommended Academic Plans for METEO Majors (PDF) 2012
A PDF file that includes courses and credit breakdowns for all options in Meteorology.
Schedule of Courses (University Registrar)
This is the course listing for the current and upcoming semester published by the Office of the University Register.
Special Course Offerings
When interest warrants, courses in special topics are offered occasionally usually using the designation 497X (undergraduate) or 597X (graduate). Recent special course offerings are listed using the link below.
A collection of course descriptions and requirements by semester
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